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I finally gave in after trying to make up my mind for a year or more.  We have decided to give blogger a try and have changed our blog.  So update your blog rolls and put us on your favorites.  Our new address is  Hope to see you all there!


This year we had a Zorro, a Dash, and a Black Widow.


If you’re wondering why the Black widow is missing from this picture, here’s why:


Trick-or-treating was a lot of fun.  The boys couldn’t go fast enough and when we were finished, their bags were too heavy and full of candy for them to carry them home.  It is definitely bad news to have all that candy in the house!  Keyan did not understand why he had to put his candy in his bag after getting it instead of eating it as it came.  You’d think he’d get it after a few houses, but that lasted the whole night, although he did get into walking up to the door and getting the candy.  In our neighborhood, people get their lawn chairs out and sit on their driveways or on their porches to wait for all of the kids.  It’s fun to see everyone getting into the holiday.  One person on our street even turned their garage into a Halloween haunted lab, and he was the mad scientist.  It was really fun!

Pumpkins to Jack-o-lanterns

What is halloween without picking out pumpkins and turning them into jack-o-lanterns?











 Of course when we were finished we had to sing the jack-o-lantern song, as is tradition in my growing up family and now in my own family.  We’ve sung it every year since little Russell was a baby, and now I finally have a child old enough to sing it with me!  We also roasted the pumpkin seeds.  They turned out delicious! (recipe below)  Is there really any easy way to separate the seeds from the rest of the insides?  What a headache!

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

3 tablespoons margarine, melted (I used I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray, and they still turned out delicious.  Less calories!
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt (I used Lawry’s Seasoning Salt)
4 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
2 cups raw whole pumpkin seeds

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (135 degrees C).
Wash and dry seeds.
Spread seeds on a plate and microwave for 2 minutes. Stir them and microwave 2 more minutes to dry seeds out.
Combine the margarine, salt, garlic salt, Worcestershire sauce and pumpkin seeds. Mix thoroughly and place in shallow baking dish. (I used a cookie sheet covered in foil.)
Bake for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.



Election Day

To help the boys learn about and get into election day (which was not that difficult since they had seen the candidates a million plus one times on TV ads and heard them on our answering maching 10 times a day and saw them in the mail several times a day) we decided to have our own election.  We started by putting in our own nominations.  On Sunday we each nominated what we would like to have for dinner on election night (main dish, fruit, vegetable, drink and, of course, dessert).  Then on Tuesday morning we filled out our ballots, tallied the votes, and had the winners for dinner.  Who won?  Main dish: Eggs, bacon, sausage & toast (Russell’s nomination); Fruit: Oranges (dad’s nomination); Vegetable: Celery (Russell’s nomination); Drink: Chocolate milk (mom’s nomination); Dessert: Ice Cream (dad’s nomination).  The boys loved having their say through their nominations and then being able to choose through their voting.   They had fun shopping for the dinner, and then ate everything since they chose it!  It was a lot of fun for them and for us.  (I got this idea from the Family Fun magazine, which has lots of fun ideas.)





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