Making progress

So I made our hotel reservations for our four day trek to OH.  It seems like it is going to be fun and only a little bit scary…okay switch that! 🙂  We also reserved our truck.  Our sweet and loving papa and granny (Russell’s mom’s parents) are being so generous and helping us finance things. 

Thursday was my birthday.  Russell got me some Ohio State scrubs, he thought it was fitting.  Actually it was a substitute gift since what he wanted to get was sold out.  So I returned them and will probably go to the Quilted Bear and get some cute home things that you can only find in UT.  He also made me a birthday dinner before he went to work.  It was barbecued chicken that he grilled ( he is a master griller) and pesto pasta.  He could not have done a better job when he pulled out that death by chocolate cake from Costco.  (I don’t think that is it’s official name!)  He also got me my own individual cookie dough ben & jerry’s ice cream.  He really does know me well!

Yesterday we went to Salt Lake to spend one last day with our good friends the Warren’s before we leave.  They have been friends of ours since our first married ward, before either of us had children!  Now Russell loves playing with Simon, and Trey and little Ava can play, too.  We had a little barbecue for lunch and then at dinner time we went to the drive-in movies and had sandwiches while we were waiting for the movies to start.  We saw Harry Potter & the order of the phoenix.  It was playing with Ocean’s 13, but we only stayed for the first one since it ended at 11:15.  It was very fun! 

Hopefully this week we will get some inspections and appraisals done on our houses!  An update to come. 

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