Still adjusting!

I love this gummy smile!

Riding their bikes in our new backyard.

Everything is so new and different here.  You can tell that a lot of people that we run into aren’t used to children (well, as much as in Provo, anyway)!  We’ve found that mostly everything (school, work, church, etc.) is about 20 minutes away.  I guess we kind of made that sacrifice so that Russell and Trey will have a good school to go to!  One thing that (big) Russell and I have agreed on is that even while everything around us is changing and new, we still have our little family.  We are still here for each other and we have each other to come home to.  It is comforting, especially for Russell.  He has wondered how some of the other students in his group are able to handle the pressures and adjustments without the same support system that he has.  We are very lucky!   Here are a couple of new pictures.   Forgive me for the inconsistency (links and thumbnails).  I can’t seem to figure out how to post them right… (P.S. – if anyone knows of a legitimate work at home job, let me know!!)

Keyan pooped out while the other 2 were playing.Bathtime!

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