Sleep? What’s sleep?

Okay, based on my title, you can probably guess that I have not been sleeping.  Ugghh.  Actually, it’s been about four months, since our sweet Keyan came into the picture.  I thought I knew how to make a baby sleep, but I guess Russell and Trey were just easy ones.  For some reason, Keyan does not like to sleep.  He wakes up at night about every half hour to every two hours.  I find myself looking forward to naptime during the day, but even his naps are less than an hour long.  I feel like a zombie!!  I just keep telling myself that someday he will do better.   Anyone out there know any magic?

My sweet boys are so cute.  Their latest favorite thing to do is to surprise me by how fast they can clean up a room.  I can hear Russell quietly telling Trey, “Trey, come on, let’s clean up really fast for mom!”  Then they both love to come find me and say, “Surprise, surprise!  Come with me and close your eyes.”  Then Russell takes my hand and leads me.  I have to be very stealth about opening my eyes so I don’t fall down the stairs or run into any walls!  Then they yell “Okay, you can open your eyes!”   I love seeing their little faces when I act shocked about their job well done.  They get so excited and of course love getting the hugs and kisses that follow.  They really do have their moments! 🙂

Poor Russell has been so busy with school and work.  It turns out that on Mondays, Weds, and Fridays, he doesn’t get to come home at all until about 11:00 pm.   On Wednesday Russell announced that he was going to watch out the window for daddy (it was only about 1 pm).  It was so sad to see his face when he found out that dad wouldn’t be home that day.  It helped him feel better when we made cookies and cards to surprise dad with when he got home late that night.  Such is our life now!!  We need to remember to be very grateful, and I think we’ll get through all right.

Tomorrow we will be going to a member of our bishopric’s house for dinner and OSU football.  It will be fun and we’ll get acquainted with a bunch of people in our ward.  I’m really hoping to find someone who I can be great friends with these next few years.  It’s a challenge for me since I usually don’t stick myself out there.  I’m really good at staying in my shell and waiting for others to put themselves out. 

I am really suffering though since I have not been able to see my Cougars play this year.  Win or lose, they’re my team, and I severely miss watching them.  Though here everyone has football fever.  If you go out on a gameday, you better be wearing crimson and gray or else you’ll stick out like a sore thumb!  It’s fun! 

That’s all for now.  Oh, by the way, I think our Provo house is finally going to close this week or early next week.  It’s a miracle!  Our realtor has really gone the extra mile on this one.  If anyone out there needs a realtor in UT, he’s your guy. 


  1. Abby said,

    September 22, 2007 at 3:58 am

    Oh, Jackie, I feel your pain on the no sleep thing. I remember those days oh so not fondly. Yet you sound so cheerful about it! What a girl. Hey. . . at least you’re not having to get up after periodic sleep periods to go deliver the papers, right? Oh, the paper days. It’s so cute to hear what the boys are doing. What a coincidence, since that’s exactly what Lose and Eli have been doing. You know how sneaky I have to be, especially with those stairs right there beside their room. It doesn’t help that the other day I was holding Eva in my arms and had to navigate her head around the door jam at 50 miles per hour, since that’s how fast I feel I’m going when they pull me. Such cute boys, Jack. Even though we’re so far away, I feel like we’re living each other’s lives! Naki, of course is still working at Slate, and is still going to school for his Masters. To help make ends meet he started working a new job at another youth facility, except it’s graveyard shifts! Man, I feel like the girls never see him. He promises me that by 35 he’ll have his business up and running, no more school, and no more crazy jobs. What lucky girls we are, to have such focused and hard working husbands. It sure is hard being the single mom sometimes, but I would never want to trade positions with them. I’m so proud of you, sticking your neck out there. I sure miss you. Oh, by the way, Team Maile won their 4th game in a row tonight, 17-4. Woo Hoo! It’s so much more fun when we’re winning. Okay, I don’t think I’m supposed to be typing a whole book here in the comment section. . . I better run. Love all you cute Leggs.

  2. Dana said,

    September 23, 2007 at 2:34 pm

    wow abby, that was impressive! Jackie, you are such a cute mom. I wish we lived by each other because I would totally want to be your friend!! You’ll get snapped up by someone fast. We’re loving the stories about your cute boys… Love, Dana

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