Enjoying life

Russell and Trey with their friend JoshuaKeyan supervisingRussell apple-pickingTrey apple-pickingTrey’s little big toes

Yes, in spite of my major sleep deprivation, I am enjoying life.  My three boys are so sweet.  Every time Trey gets out of bed from either a nap or in the morning, he always shouts a sweet and very groggy “Good morning” in his cute toddler-ese.  If he doesn’t feel like sleeping after I’ve just laid him down, he thinks that if he comes out of his room saying Good morning, I’ll let him stay up…  I don’t know where  he got that idea!  Russell is the cutest big brother and can’t stand if Keyan is crying.  He is a great helper and tries to distract Keyan if I can’t get to him at the moment.  The other day I was downstairs and had left Keyan laying on the carpeted floor in the boys room.  I all of a sudden heard him crying, but from the living room.  I thought Russell had tried to carry him to the living room, so I ran upstairs.  I found that Russell hadn’t wanted him to be alone back in the bedroom, so he had dragged him by his legs out to the living room.  The intentions were good!  Unfortunately, dragging skin on carpet doesn’t work very well, and since Keyan’s head is pretty bald, he now has a big rug burn scabbed up on the back of his head.  It is about the diameter of a ping pong ball.  It looks pretty painful!  But he is a little toughy and only cried a little. 

I’ve been doing some fun things with the girls in my ward.  Last week we took the kids to a local farm and we got to pick apples.  So we came home with two big bags of apples!  I’ve since made an apple cake and a big batch of applesauce.  I’m not a fan of applesauce, but this stuff is good!  If anyone wants the recipe, let me know!  Also we had card night.  One of the girls is a distributor of Close to my Heart scrapbooking and stamping materials.  So we gathered at her house and made some cards.  It was more about the girl time than the cards for me!   I’m even planning on playing volleyball at the church with them.  For anyone that knows me, it is a huge feat to get me on a volleyball court.  Maybe I’ll just watch… 🙂  I’ve also joined their book club.  We are currently reading the Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.  It is really good!

Well, we just got a new trampoline and are yet to set it up, but I’ll probably be posting some pictures of some very happy boys bouncing around soon…

Love to all!

P.S. I’ve posted some apple picking pics.  Also, in the other picture, I had just unwrapped Keyan from his blanket and both of his big (I guess little, big) toes were sticking out of his jammies.  I thought it was so cute!  Also, if anyone is interested, Russell just posted on YouTube two videos of Keyan.  One is of him playing patty-cake. The other was for his psychology class, but is still very cute.   Here are the links:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=k2jYPswguz4 and http://youtube.com/watch?v=M55z-lBXLaM

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