Midnight snack

Well, maybe not quite midnight.  More like 9:00 snack.   Trey sometimes wakes up between 9 and 10 pm.  Once in a great while, we will allow him to come hang out with us for a little bit, only because he is so cute and entertaining.  He can always make us laugh, and doesn’t even really do anything special.  It’s just him.  Tonight he lucked out, because dad happened to be eating, so he got to share.  He’s always up for eating!



Once in a while he’ll find Russell’s glasses, and he usually wants to try them out.  I don’t really need to take them away.  I just wait because when he puts them on and finds that he can’t focus on anything and can’t really see at all, he is more than willing to take them off.  It is really very funny to watch his eyes as he tries to look around and focus on things!


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  1. Jennilyn said,

    March 12, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Super cute kids! I can’t believe how completely lame I have been and haven’t scheduled a time to come visit you guys! We are so sooo itching to get up there, but being 9 months pregnant seems to put a damper on quite a few things:) If you guys are up for it though and don’t mind newborns crying, I know we will come and visit after the baby arrives.
    Adam isn’t “technically” in the Bishopric, he is the Executive Secretary…so he just does whatever the Bishop needs him to do… like participate in Tug a War:)

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